Communication with depth.

PR and marketing agency for B2B and technologies.

That is why, at Fortis, we choose a strategic approach. In the B2B space, it’s not only the good idea that counts. But a deep understanding of the product or service. The knowledge about sales channels and markets is just as important as an accurate target group analysis. Because only then can we ensure that the correct media is used to reach the right recipient.

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We listen carefully and dive deeply. The content we generate is well-thought-out, researched thoroughly and created with the relevant target group in mind. That is how we claim good communication consulting. Add to that efficiency, reliability and quality – down to the last detail.

We cover a broad communications spectrum: classic press work, public relations, corporate communications, storytelling, social media, digital B2B lead generation, marketing.


This is Fortis.


Reliable Converter

No compromise. When it comes to the operational implementation of your communication activities, it has to be done perfectly.

Marketing experts

Boring B2B communication is a thing of the past. Our campaigns are spot on. With emotional content, we ensure qualified leads on all channels.

International Networker

Through the network WIN PR, we are connected to PR agencies across the globe. This means that we can send the message of your products or services to all the corners of the earth.

Media Connoisseur

The media jungle is becoming more overgrown and complex every day. But we know exactly who to talk to, to make sure that your topics don’t get lost in the woods.

Creative Mastermind

We think out of the box, find alternative ways, broaden horizons and open eyes to different perspectives. We create communication solutions that get noticed.

Strategic Consultant

We bring all our experience and knowledge to the table. As a partner who takes your business goals to heart.

Content Expert

We create good stories. And we know exactly which media channel and for which target group they are best suited.

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