Based in the centre of Munich, Fortis PR is an independent PR agency that was founded in 2003. At Fortis PR we develop innovative PR campaigns for the following business sectors: Technology, Industrial, Consumer Products as well as Health and Leisure.

We implement performance-based and sustainable communication solutions that are individually tailored to the needs and budget of our clients. We also link the PR strategy very closely together with the business strategy of our clients, thereby facilitating an integrated business approach. Through our innovative yet highly effective approach to PR, the public have a clearly defined image of our clients’ company and the services they provide.

We also pride ourselves on providing our services on a global level. And on our international projects, we’re proud to be partnering with other highly skilled PR agencies all over the world. We also have an established network of marketing specialists that assist us in coming up with effective and integrated communication solutions.



WIN PR Group

Fortis PR is an independent PR agency. When working on international projects, we partner with carefully selected companies worldwide. We are therefore a member of the WIN PR Group. Established in 1999, the WIN PR Group offers technology businesses global reach through a partnership of like-minded, owner-managed agencies based across the globe. This high-performance network offers clients the best of both worlds – blending local knowledge and expertise with one look-and-feel to international PR, providing the flexibility to scale up and break into new territories based on business needs.

Sotiria Security Comms

Sotiria Security Comms is a worldwide group of full-service PR/comms agencies with a mandate to provide both cyber and physical security organisations with specialist security communications consultancy services.

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