July 15, 2013

It’s holiday time! The perfect reason to try out some new gadgets

The best reason to go away on holiday? The latest gadgets, of course. Here are three great gadget must-haves.

So when you think about it, is it seriously worth it to leave the wonderful comforts of your home, to go on holiday? Just to be confronted with strange people, questionable food and dubious hygienic conditions? Well, that’s debatable. But I’ll tell you what makes taking a holiday a no-brainer – being able to try out the latest and coolest gadgets available! Now we’re talking! Enjoy our three favorites…

Gadget or holiday?

Summer gadget number one: Leica X Vario

Summer gadget number one: Leica X Vario

A great new gadget is the compact camera Leica Vario X. The luxury camera brand Leica has introduced a compact camera, which is inspired by the legendary M-system, but is not merely equipped with a 16 Mpx sensor, but also comes with a zoom lens (“Vario” in Leica terminology). The M-cameras themselves, are not able to zoom, due to constructional reasons. In addition to this added function, the X Vario also allows for manual controlling – because it’s great if the user interface is intuitive. There’s no doubt about the fact that you’ll have loads of fun with this camera the moment you get your hands on it. The only question you might be left with, is whether to go on holiday, or add this hottie to your list of gadgets – seeing as it goes for 2500 Euros.

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