October 20, 2014

Storytelling IV: Best Practices

In our previous blog posts, we pointed out what to look out for when telling a story and why it works. Now, we’ve looked for great examples where companies apply their story throughout their entire communication. During our search, we realised that this is not so easy to find.

It’s so great when you do eventually find an example, where a strong, emotional story is told, but the product remains the focus.

Here, Google tells us a wonderful story. Wonderful, because it has been skilfully created. And there are several reasons for this. First off, let’s take a look at the story and its structure.

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September 17, 2014

Storytelling III: Where Does One Begin?


(c) fotalia.com

Before you can tell a good story, you should understand a few things about yourself and your audience. We’ll explain what:

We have already explained that the story you tell about your company should be both basic and emotional. Here we give you specific advice on what you should watch out for when finding and telling your story.

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September 3, 2014

Storytelling II – Why it Works

storytelling neurologistics

Storytelling: Our brain loves stories (c) Bryant Arnold

In our first blogpost on storytelling we promised we’d give you a reason why storytelling works as a marketing tool. Here it is:

The basic assumption of storytelling is that the unconscious mind controls a substantial part of human behaviour. Hence, also the purchasing behaviour. Or, as Werner T. Fuchs formulates it: The unconscious mind makes the purchasing decision, the conscious mind justifies it.

In his book „Warum das Gehirn Geschichten liebt“, Werner T. Fuchs presents mechanisms of storytelling. In it, he doesn’t only discuss what makes a story a story, but he also offers numerous examples from the world of marketing and innovatively links them with the latest discoveries in brain research.

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August 20, 2014

Storytelling I: What’s the Story?

Nowadays, marketing and communication cannot get around the following topic: storytelling. There’s no need to go through shelves of books on literature. Simply follow our blog and check out the different aspects of storytelling to deepen your understanding on the topic.

Storytelling for business

Storytelling: why stories matter.

Storytelling is profoundly human (c) fotalia

There are two aspects, which make storytelling so compelling for companies. For one, stories are deeply rooted in human culture. Everybody knows stories, everyone tells stories. The most popular stories are told over and over again – throughout generations.  But more importantly for marketeers: stories convey and release emotions – why and how, we’ll explain in one of the next posts.

Storytelling has nothing to do with superstition. It works – we’ll provide the reason for why it works in another chapter – and is becoming increasingly important. So much so that companies, which are placing more emphasis on direct marketing and social media, cannot avoid storytelling any longer. Due to this development, brand and business communication is rapidly changing from monologue to dialogue.

Whoever wishes to tell a story that works and evokes emotions will most likely ask himself the following questions: “What is a story?” and “What is my story?”.

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February 6, 2014

Telling Tales: The Narrative Revenue Opportunity

by Dr. Bill Nichols, Astrophel group

‘Narrative, narrative’ everywhere. It’s a staple of consultancy creds. Every PR campaign and every brand, apparently, should have one.

But how exactly do you sell it? Make money? And, as a client, what are you buying?

Cynics say 20 years of narrative chat is just consultant re-packaging – backstories and news agendas remixed. A case of: ‘the sun shone down, having no alternative, on the nothing new’ – to quote a favourite narrative opening! (‘A’)

Maybe. But my own research review is surprisingly positive. It comes with two caveats. That: (1) PR folks really are the great storytellers; and (2) PR consultancy management teams really want to exit their traditional comfort zone and exploit their intellectual assets (e.g. storytelling).

So what are the prospects? This little narrative is a ‘will-they-do-it? And like ‘whodunnits’, we need means, motive and first…

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(A) Beckett, S, Murphy (1938);

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July 15, 2013

It’s holiday time! The perfect reason to try out some new gadgets

The best reason to go away on holiday? The latest gadgets, of course. Here are three great gadget must-haves.

So when you think about it, is it seriously worth it to leave the wonderful comforts of your home, to go on holiday? Just to be confronted with strange people, questionable food and dubious hygienic conditions? Well, that’s debatable. But I’ll tell you what makes taking a holiday a no-brainer – being able to try out the latest and coolest gadgets available! Now we’re talking! Enjoy our three favorites…

Gadget or holiday?

Summer gadget number one: Leica X Vario

Summer gadget number one: Leica X Vario

A great new gadget is the compact camera Leica Vario X. The luxury camera brand Leica has introduced a compact camera, which is inspired by the legendary M-system, but is not merely equipped with a 16 Mpx sensor, but also comes with a zoom lens (“Vario” in Leica terminology). The M-cameras themselves, are not able to zoom, due to constructional reasons. In addition to this added function, the X Vario also allows for manual controlling – because it’s great if the user interface is intuitive. There’s no doubt about the fact that you’ll have loads of fun with this camera the moment you get your hands on it. The only question you might be left with, is whether to go on holiday, or add this hottie to your list of gadgets – seeing as it goes for 2500 Euros.

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